Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weekend Mini Break

Relaxation, pretty leaves, and hiking were the goal for this past weekend. With the Berkshire's all booked up with people from around the world wanting to get a taste of fall in New England, we decided to head to a less populated place this time of year - The Ocean. Fortunately for us, Maine has the best of all worlds - ocean, leaves, hiking, and small town quaintness.

The weekend was perfect.

We spent one day hiking. Look, that's part of the Beehive. There were rungs cause it went right up. And I wasn't scurred. Not even once. Look at me, I'm growing. Or the Andes made most other mountains seem trivial. Undetermined.

This is one of the views from the top, plus our feet. There's little in this world that can beat leaves and ocean.

A view from the bottom of what we'd just climbed. We took The Beehive up and The Bowl back down.

Yup, those are his feet in the water. They were numb for the next half hour. I let my feet touch the water too, but I definitely didn't hang out. I might have gone running up the beach.

After a lot of hiking we had some delicious tea, soup and popovers with home made jam. Second day was spent wandering around town, in and out of shops. I loved this clock. Around mid afternoon it was time to head back to the city.

We'll definitely be back. There's more trails to hike, leaves to see and ocean to enjoy.

Happy Fall!


Rachel said...

i love the feet pictures! looks like a fabulous time =)

Gary said...

this is an awesome picture. my guess is they were tired little feet. hope you don't mind it is now my desktop, what a beautiful shot!