Friday, November 21, 2008

New Endeavors

You see, I'm very smart. Lately, I've had little to no free time in my life. For that matter, I haven't had enough time to do the things on my list. As such, things like "fold laundry" or "read*" have fallen by the wayside. And it is at this time, when I have no time, that i have decided to become a Tastefully Simple consultant.

I've sent a few emails to my friends and family - mostly just an invitation to an open house to display the products and introduce the company and an (soon to arrive) email about holiday shopping and entertaining. (I swear after this you will receive no more emails unless you profess your love of the products to me and request further emails. Thank you, dear ones, for putting up with me in the interim!)

So far, those that have tried the food have loved it. I'm so excited, but not too surprised about this. It really is delicious food. The other main talking point (but after yummy food, you shouldn't need much else) is the food is all wonderfully easy to prepare. No more than two ingredients are ever required and not very much time at all. Viola! Delicious meal and you look like a master chef.

I'm hoping both the food and I continue to be well received. And I hope this new venture goes well. It's a little scary, but I'm excited.

*Whilst "reading" may seem like a luxury item, I've tried to be more diligent about attending and productively participating in the book club my friend puts together. Since the December picks were influenced by yours truly, I figure I should do my very best to read them and attend. And yes, picks and them. There are two books. I think she's punishing me for daring to suggest books. Good thing I apparently love Capote.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mental Health Break: Puppies

I forget exactly who sent me this website. (it might have been Matt) I forget exactly what day it was on. (somewhere in the middle there. Wednesday? Thursday?) I just know it's been a long few weeks and it probably won't let up until at least the new year. And this website has been wonderful in helping me get through it:



Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Tale of Two 'Hoods

I'm always amazed when I'm reminded of how much certain neighborhoods (okay, i guess they're their own town, but they're part of the very immediate Boston Metro Area) are not looked upon kindly by their neighbors. Namely, Alston and Roxbury. I know definitively of two schools that go to great lengths to ensure that they have only Boston, not Roxbury addresses. Same goes for Alston.

But it seems that Brookline has taken this a step further. This isn't an academic institution not wanting to be associated with a slightly notorious area, it's a neighboring town. So far, I've found that only pretty predominant roads go from Alston to Brookline and vice versa. What happens on the smaller roads? Either there's a barrier at the town line so cars can't pass, or the road stops and becomes a dead end just before the line.

Now, I've never hidden the fact that Alston isn't my favorite place. (also not my most disliked. besides, it has some pretty awesome people) But I think that barriers and prematurely stopped streets is a little drastic. Oh Brookline.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Civic Duty

tee hee. duty.

PS -

Thanks for sending this to me, Julie! ;-)