Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blogger fails me and I cry.

me: what's wrong with bloggggerrrrrr
Deepa: oh good lord
go to bed
it will be fine in the morning
me: but I won't have my laptop at work with me in the am!
Deepa: wait do you hear that?
that sound?
what IS that?
me: whine whine whine?
Deepa: the worlds smallest violin!
i can HEAR it!
me: lol you're such a bitch ;-)
Deepa: preens
me: whatever. i'm going to go bake a pie
Deepa: hahaha

Eff you Blogger. I didn't want to tell you about roasting a chicken or going to Maine anyway. (okay, I will, but it might take a few days unless it decides to start behaving later tonight)


Deepa said...


let the record show that ms. t was whining about blogger being down LONG before my bitchy remarks!

Kiwi said...

Hehe aww you guys are too cute. How I miss our real-life conversations :(

Just FYI, Blogger acts weird for me too sometimes. And I used to whine to D about it too, lol, when I was having issues between Mac and PCs! Now my issues are more weird, but when Blogger is failing me (or being cheeky) I just take little breaks and come back later or I cricri too. :P