Saturday, August 8, 2009

Whip It Up: Week 6: Appetizers

This post will have no pictures and be very brief. I'm at the beach - be happy I'm on the computer at all.

Not wanting to spend much time in the kitchen, not wanting to turn on the oven and in a flurry of unpacking, I kept this week's choice exceptionally simple. Don't worry, I was sure to not skimp on the scrumptious factor.

This is, apparently, the Best Tzatziki Sauce Ever. Well, maybe I added the ever, but that would be my guess. I'm so lazy, I'm not even going to post up the recipe itself. But, what you want to know is...

Was it good?
Yes. I may never buy store bought again.

Was it easy to make?
Again, yes. Simple, straight forward directions. It's hard to mess up, even for me. Admittedly, it would have been easier had I had a food processor.

Will you make it again?

I most certainly will. I can't vow off the store bought stuff and not replace it.

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Kiwi said...


So will you be trying homemade hommous one day then? Hehehe.

You should try melizanosalata, or baba ghanoush one day! I tried it once - it actually took me a LOT of time and effort haha so I'm not sure how regularly I'd do it but it tasted soooo good.