Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Not-So-Best Birthday Cake

Smitten Kitchen is one of my absolute favorite cooking blogs. She's far more a baker than I am. Baking involves things like being able to follow directions, measuring and correct ingredients. These, are not my strong suites.

But when I saw her post for a Best Birthday Cake, I thought it was the cutest thing ever and wanted to try it. Except that (any day now) I'm a whole year away from a first birthday party. And really, I bet the mom is going to want to bake the cake, not have me do it. You can imagine my excitement when two days after I saw the cake, a friend sent an email for a first birthday bbq. (for her puppy)

So, in honor of Maddie, I had to decided to make the cake.

Funny thing, when you wake up somewhere around 3 ro 3:30 in the morning, can't get back to sleep and decide, at 5:15am decide to get up, and bake a cake instead of continuing to just lie there.

Well, blame it on the hour, the tiredness or whatever you want... but I didn't precisely follow some of the directions. And I forgot to hit the pan for the second layer, so there were a few bubbles on the bottom! (and I doubted this myth, silly person that I am) And then the top layer wasn't fully cool when I placed it on the second to continue icing, so the top layer started sliding and wouldn't stop until I put the finished product in the fridge. And then upon eating... it's a little denser than it probably should have been. But I blame that solely on my direction following ability.

Ah well. I'm still really proud of my first ever cake from scratch AND layered cake effort. I may be a baker yet. maybe.


Julie said...

I cant believe you did that at 533

Kiwi said...

It looks great. Don't nitpick! Especially if that was your first from-scratch attempt, you should be proud of yourself - I'd wolf it down from the looks/sounds of it... :P