Thursday, February 5, 2009


Jeez-a-loo it's been a while.

Since my last post:
  • My cousin got married in NC
  • That was pretty awesome, despite typical family crap.
  • Matt said it was like a sitcom. It really was.
  • It's 2009. I'm hoping for a good year for everyone. A lot of my friends could use it.
  • I've been doing a lot of yoga lately. I had a class card to use up before it expires on Feb 12 and didn't want it to go to waste. There's only 1 class left.
  • I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow.
  • It's really effing cold.
  • I'm still cooking, but somehow not taking pictures. I think this is in part because I'm unsure where the cord has gone to upload pictures to my computer.
  • Matt downloaded Sim City 2000.

I may write more about those things later. But mostly, I wanted to share this:,8599,1877187,00.html

It's an article about the "25 Things" meme that's been going around on Facebook. The author of this article is enraged by the amount of her time, and general work time, wasted on the writing and reading of this meme. Not only that, but she's upset she's been tagged so often by people who she does not care to know 25 things about. She doesn't feel they're interesting, insightful or funny. Apparently, she doesn't like her friends. She then goes on to post 25 of the 25 Random Things others have sent to her.

She's truly a vissionary.


Rue said...

yes! what party poopers these anti-25 things people are, and what a waste of their apparently precious time these silly articles about it are =P

i hope your extraction went ok and you're not in too much pain! when i had mine out it was one of the worst weeks ever...

Kiwi said...

Haha... I've gotten so many of those 25 things' notes as well and I keep feeling like I should jump on the bandwagon and do one as well but at the same time I dont really want to. Just like I resist facebook statuses (so far anyway). But if people enjoy them who cares... If it's that annoying, tell your friends to stop tagging you in those notes or just dont read them! hhehehe. It's all in good fun anyway :P Thanks for posting that article!

And hah I feel you on the non-blogging for a while... I was just an internet recluse for a while but I'm starting to get back on track now, hopefully... :)