Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Please Pardon the Interruption

Hello, internet! It's been a very long time since my last post. I know. And for that I'm sorry. I am back now, for real this time, promise.

I've been talking to friends lately and doing a lot of thinking. The result is I really want to get back into writing. Over the past year, I haven't gotten back into it for a million reasons. All those reasons, for the most part, are resolved now. I have a new computer. It's beautiful, shiny and most importantly, fully functioning and mobile.

We even got a new camera. Remember all those posts where I had really,vtruly terrible pictures. I felt like an apology was owed in every post. Then I just stopped using pictures all together. I think we call all agree that that's just entirely too boring. But look, pictures!

Lovely turnips and carrots ready to contribute to Thanksgiving Dinner 2010

Bailey watching her favorite show, roast chicken.

Now that I'm equipped with laptop and camera, I'm ready to go. I even kind of have a direction for this place. I still love food, cooking and learning about new stuff. There will still be lots of recipes and such things on here. But I want to go further. I mean, food's great. But that's not my only passion.

I love design. I'm talking about good, practical, well thought out design. I've searched the internet for other blogs with a similar focus. From what I can tell, it's just not out there. There are a lot of home decorating blogs, fashion, and even architects who focus on high concept design. But I have yet to find anything that focuses on the realities of design.

Technology is impacting the way we live, work and learn in huge ways. Green is more than just a buzzword. I want to explore it all; have invigorating discussions about this new direction. Maybe even open a few eyes along the way.

Now that the scary "first post" is out of the way, I plan to move this forward. No more blathering on about lofty ambitions. I also promise not to start so many sentences and paragraphs with the word "I." Look for new posts. And eventually a new design*. In the mean time, you'll just have to deal with the template.

*Confession time: I almost left the new design thing be another excuse to further postpone starting again. The new design will require a little Photoshop and bringing my T-square home from work. Tantalizing, I know. But you'll just have to wait.

I want to know what you want to read about. What burning questions do you have? It can be about your home, office, car*, lab, colors, what to make for the new crush that's coming over for dinner. I'm happy to go it on my own, but I'd love to hear about any topics you'd be interested in hearing about.

On that note, I have to go check on the black bean soup and refried beans on the stove. I think something just boiled over.

*Okay, not cars. I know next to nothing about cars. I don't even own one.

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