Saturday, September 27, 2008

I blame the old man

It was raining today, a lot. Though the rain was on and off for most of today, every time I was outside, it was raining heavily. When I got my lunch, when I went to and returned from a meeting, when I left work and then when I left the grocery store on the way to my friend's.

I missed the T by about a minute. And I blame the old man.

When I was leaving Shaw's, there was an old man standing in the doorway. I couldn't tell if he was trying to open his umbrella, arrange his bags or just wait for his ride. Unfortunately, there's only one door out and he was standing right in the threshold. I waited patiently, said excuse me (to no avail) a few times - and was eventually allowed to leave.

And then I missed the train by a minute. And I got soaked. I blame the old man. Fortunately, I had impending soup on which I could focus and use to find my zen.

Such. Good. Soup. (but I'll save that for another post)

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Kiwi said...

Aww.. I always feel conflicted in those kinds of situations. I feel mean picking on an old man, because maybe he just can't handle the modern fast-paced lifestyle as well as we do. But on the other hand, I also get irritated when you end up in situations like yours hehe. :P

At least you had good soup!